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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I can't believe it's 2023 already. Where did the year go?

I am so excited I got Surprised by Love finished and published before the year was over and I want to thank each and everyone one of you that has read my debut and a special thank you for those that have reviewed it. It means so much to an indie author when you rate and review our books.

I was excited and overwhelmed when my book hit #1 bestseller in the Canadian Drama category on the site. It only lasted a few hours, but it was the most exciting thing to see as a baby author and that is because of YOU!

If you haven't read my debut novel yet, you can get it at the links below and don't forget to review :) Read Surprised by Love, exclusively on Amazon. Get the Paperback now:

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Here are some of my goals for 2023... hopefully by putting them on here it will make me that much more determined to do them all.

  • Juggle things around to make more time for writing.

  • Be more active on Social media, be more consistent.

  • Finish editing my reader magnet

  • Find alpha and beta readers for magnet

  • Format reader magnet, and send it out to all of you!

  • Get a good team of Alpha and Beta readers set up in my FB group

  • Finish Sunset Creek book 2 (Redeemed by Love)

  • Get alpha and beta readers for Sunset Creek book 2

  • Do all the things to get Redeemed by Love into Amazon by April/May(hopefully)

  • Write Sunset Creek book 3 (Protected by Love)

  • Get all the things done to get that book out by Sept/Oct (fingers crossed)

  • Start writing Sunset Creek Book 4 (Tempted by Love) I would love to get that one out by the end of the year but we will see how things go.

  • Goodreads challenge. I lowered it from 150 last year to 100 this year so I would have more time for writing.

If you are interested in being an Alpha or Beta reader for me on a permanent level, please join my reader group listed below. I will be adding people to my street team through there.

Join my reader group here if you want to stay in touch and talk about my book and other fun stuff. It is the perfect spot to get first hand info about everything D.J. Minshall.

Also, if you want all the sneak peeks and have some fun with me, come follow me on TikTok here. It is where I am most active at the moment.

I hope you all have a great day and I’ll be in touch with you soon!

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