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Getting Closer

The first round of self edits are done for Love at Winterberry Inn. This was supposed to be a novella, but it seems like I can’t write short stories. At least I can’t yet. I might have to practice that. The problem is, I have so much I want to say I can’t narrow it down or cut it out, so I guess my novella is now a full-length novel but on the short side of 50K words.

Love at Winterberry Inn follows Amber Stone. New York Times bestselling thriller author who returns to her small hometown when her gramma passes. She thinks she’s going to be inheriting the family inn. What she doesn’t know is that she’s not the only one inheriting it. Her high school boyfriend is as well.

This wouldn’t be so bad if she wasn’t the one who broke his heart and breaking hers as well. Does he still hate her? Will she be able to work side by side with the man she’s never gotten over? Will she decide to stay and help run the Inn, keep it and move back to Vancouver and let Dylan take over, or will she sell him her share and say goodbye for good?

The book is currently in the hands of my Alpha readers, which means I’m now working on Book 2 in the Sunset Creek series. Redeemed by Love is Jessica and Brandon’s story, and I can’t wait for you all to read it. It’s going to be so good! This one is am enemies to lovers, forced proximity, redemption, stalker, steamy small town romance. I can’t wait to get deeper into this story. I’m five chapters in and I’m loving it!

The only way to read Love at Winterberry Inn is to join my newsletter. As soon as the novel is done, you will get a link to download it. If you are not part of my newsletter yet, don't worry, you can join it here.

Stay tuned, I'll be sharing some snippets of both Love at Winterberry Inn and Redeemed by Love here shortly. Until then, if you haven't read my debut book, Surprised by Love, you can read it for free in Kindle Unlimited here

Surprised by Love follows the youngest Miller sister Samantha Langfield as she moves back to Sunset Creek with her six-year-old daughter after a divorce. The last thing she's looking for is love, but when she meets the small town's police sergeant and widowed dad of two Josh Prescott, plans change not only for Sam but Josh as well.

Until next time, Happy reading!

xoxo Dawn

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