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Surprised by Love

I don't have a blurb ready for Surprised by Love, so I will give you a basic rundown of the novel. 

"In this cozy small town romance, Sam finds herself moving back to her hometown of Sunset Creek, trying to pick up the pieces after a messy divorce. Josh, a single dad, a widower and Sunset Creek's police sergeant, isn't looking for anything permanent... or so he thinks. Will their broken pasts prove too difficult to overcome or will they be Surprised by Love?"

This story is written in first person dual POV and has detailed open door sex scenes and is for readers 18+.

Read the Tropes and Trigger Warmings below and if you are still interested in beta reading Surprised by Love, click the button below to fill out an application. 

Thank you for your time.

xoxo Dawn

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  • Cinnamon Roll Hero

  • Law Enforcement

  • Return to Hometown

  • Second Chance at love

  • Single Parent

  • Small Town

  • Trauma

  • Unexpected Pregnancy 

  • Winter Romance

Trigger Warnings

  • Abuse (Emotional)

  • Accidents (hospitalization)

  • Cheating (past relationship)

  • Death of a loved one

  • Drinking

  • Divorce

  • Missing person (child)

  • Pregnancy or loss of

  • Sex

  • Swearing

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